About Us

Masonic Publishing Company

The Masonic Publishing Company (MPC) is an innovative, independent publisher of books. Created to bring new light to the great enigmatic works of the past, MPC books contain material added by Freemasons to inspire modern inquiry. The MPC is the proud publisher of a selection of books, including rare, esoteric, occult, and philosophical works, which have been handpicked to motivate and excite our readers to reach their fullest potential. One might call it a "Must-Read" list for Seekers of Wisdom, a group which encompasses members of the globe-encircling Brotherhood of Freemasonry, as well as, those who have yet to knock on the door of the Temple. The MPC is dedicated to finding and publishing great works of monumental genius, while simultaneously providing readers with the tools necessary to better understand the original manuscripts. To elucidate modern inquiry into the works of antiquity, the published works of the MPC contain additional material tailored specifically for a new generation yearning for wisdom and truth. Sapere Aude!